"A Perfectly Aged Album" - by Clapton 13

For those of us who follow him, Griff has been playing various versions of these songs live for some time now, some of them for longer than others.  New arrangements of the oldies, some more recent material, a few traditional blues licks mixed in with his signature blazing,  yet melodic, runs and stellar cast of old and new bandmates have finally all come together in a perfect blend.  I'll Drink To That!

"Everything You'd Ever Want In A Blues Album" - by D. R. Miller
From the great selection and variety of tunes to the pristine horn section, fantastic accompaniment , masterful guitar work, vocal performance and overall production, this album has it all and does not disappoint.  Griff and the band have produced a long awaited masterpiece that is well deserving  of the recognition it is receiving. Well done!!!

"This Band Is Killin' It!" - by saltylicks
Smooth blues, to jammin guitar, to sweet vocals and chilling brass!  This album has it and is going in my regular playlist!

"Good Stuff For Sure!  I'll Drink To That!" - by Beachy Bill
Griff and the band have some good stuff in here.  This is a sweet mix of both easy listening and rough and tumble blues.  Plus, with me being a fan of fine bourbon, the band name and album title are a hoot!

"Blues Album Of The Year!" - by JohnfromCLE
A well put together album with excellent guitar!  Produced locally by professional musicians.  Griff and the band are the best!

"Top Notch Album" - by RobG from PA
The real deal blues.  Great band and can't say enough about Griff's playing.  He's a talented teacher also.  Thanks, Griff!

"Great Blues Album!" - by Kris Baum
If you dig blues, this is a must have!  Listening to these songs make my feet tap and my fingers move!

"Of all the music I’ve bought this year from well known established artists, this one tops the list as the complete package!!" - D. Miller

A great review from the wonderful folks at makingascene.org:  (copy and paste in browser) https://www.makingascene.org/griff-hamlin-is-making-a-scene/?utm_source=newsletter-107&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter-107&fbclid=IwAR1y4IvLuOvbEHH62jQlWnJ8XUJNTLiM82Q4BhpE9ysigo01L_A2Nvcpb6I 

Another fantastic review from The Rocking Magpie: (copy and paste in browser)  https://rockingmagpie.wordpress.com/2019/07/27/griff-hamlin-and-the-single-barrel-blues-band-ill-drink-to-that/?fbclid=IwAR31QJaIBc8HXgfs1PvRwyG4nVDVjMXRz08MAJ8fJzejbonCGc90W5HLD_8

Thank you Rock and Blues Muse!: (copy and paste in browser)  https://www.rockandbluesmuse.com/2019/07/23/review-griff-hamlin-and-the-single-barrel-blues-band-ill-drink-to-that/?fbclid=IwAR0q3_1a5SjU3ZMwQIs3L5LyP3WVy4NH2KURRUeF99Oc7THLgX3hVIzv0_I